Take the Indoors Out

Collingwood, Ontario

The owners of this home in one of Collingwood's older residential neighbourhoods, approached us about renovating their existing deck and liked the idea of adding some covered outdoor space.  With very restricted access to the backyard our approach from the outset was to work with the existing deck structure which had solid bones.  This allowed us to keep the project cost effective and prioritize the budget towards a custom timber frame structure while adding some square footage to the deck around a newly planned hot tub. 

The old decking was replaced with new Western Red Cedar boards, and a waterproof storage areas was created under a portion of the deck.  Large dimension timber posts where used for the railings and privacy screens that framed the deck to help balance to visual scale of the timber frame pavilion.  Through consultation with a local engineer we were able to construct the pavilion using the traditional mortise and tenon construction while meeting all applicable building codes.  We used rough-sawn Douglas Fir posts and beams, with cedar tongue & groove for the ceiling/roof.  The large timbers where stained white for a more contemporary look that match the Cape-Cod style home.

With wooden dowels pinning the timber connections and our go-to CAMO® system used for the decking - there is no visible hardware seen anywhere on the finished woodwork.  The home owner finished off the space with decorations and furniture that perfectly complimented the look.  The end result is a space that feels part indoors - part outdoors.  Private, cozy, sheltered from both rain and sun, yet still maintains open views to the beautiful existing garden.